Al-Ameen Quran Competition


We are pleased to announce the First Holy Quran Memorization & Tajweed contest for students of Al-Ameen Elementary School, on Monday, May 30th, 2016.


The contest is open school wide. The date for registration is no later than April 29th, 2016. The contest will be held during school hours and there will be a panel of external guest judges to evaluate the students.


*For parents who have students enrolled in the After School Quran & Hifz Program, and you would like for them to be assessed on their Hifz progress, you may choose:


Level I – Juzu 30           Level II – Juzu 29


Evaluation Criteria:  



The student’s letter sounds are accurate and clear


Student has memorized the surah; recites without hesitation any Ayah in the Surah asked by the panel


 Student must follow and apply all Tajweed rules with accuracy

Tarteel (Rhythm)

 Excellent performance, presentation and ability to control one’s voice



To register please fill out the registration form and submit to the office.

Download the form here - Registration Form