A Premiere Islamic School in Toronto GTA, Brampton – Al Ameen Elementary School

Qur’an & Arabic Program

Quran Program

The Quran is a vital element in every Muslim’s life; which is why we have designed a Quran Program that we are confident will assist students in reciting Allah’s words along with the rules of Tajweed.

In our Quran program, by the end of Grade 8, students will have:

Recited the entire Quran

Memorized the last juz as well as other selected Surahs (Surahs Al-Rahman, Al-Waqiah, Al-Mulk, Yaseen, Al-Kahf)

Grade-specific duas

Yearly revision of previously memorized surahs and duas

Arabic Program

The Arabic language is the pathway to understanding the Quran. Therefore, we have designed an Arabic Program which focuses on Quranic Arabic. We hope this will enable our students to understand Allah’s words. Primary grade students will learn Arabic alphabets, vocabulary and basic grammar rules. Grade 5 to 8 students will study Arabic at an advanced level through a comprehensive program called Arabic with Husna developed by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. We hope that this will expand on their knowledge and their future education of understanding the Quran and applying it throughout their lives.