A Premiere Islamic School in Toronto GTA, Brampton – Al Ameen Elementary School


Al-Ameen Elementary School is a dynamic learning community where students enjoy a rich educational experience in a nurturing environment centered on strong Islamic faith combined with true Canadian values. Our faculty and staff work collaboratively to assist young Muslims to realize their potential as well as encourage them to pursue integrity to become respected leaders of tomorrow.

We strive for educational excellence to enable our students reach their full potential and ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen path. With our integrated Islamic curriculum, we endeavor to provide them an enriching faith-based education. We also promote a culture of affirmative leadership and harmonious collaborations through academics, extra-curricular activities and community involvements.

Students are encouraged to engage more in the learning process with our innovative teaching methodology and state-of-the-art learning facility.

Parental and community involvement plays a vital role in the success of Al-Ameen events and activities. With our supportive School Council, Al-Ameen is set to achieving increased involvement and greater influence for parents in their children’s education.