A Premiere Islamic School in Toronto GTA, Brampton – Al Ameen Elementary School

Core Subjects

We take pride in our literacy, numeracy, science and social studies programs. Acquiring up to date, relevant, and approved student and teacher resources enables us to provide our students with an experience that is above and beyond the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum expectations. Our core subjects are further supplemented with extracurricular initiatives such as poetry competitions, speech competitions, math competitions, that provide students with opportunities to expand on their core subjects based on their interests and passion.

Children are encouraged to explore and discover the world of science. We want our students to learn science in the best way possible–through various hands-on activities and scientific experiments. With Scientists in School workshops, experiments in our dedicated science lab, and visits to the Science Centre, our students explore and understand the importance of science and its relevance to their lives. The study of science builds a foundation for students to become better thinkers when it comes to generating ideas, making decisions, and understanding key issues.

As our students continue to develop their independence and self-direction, we encourage them to explore a more complex curriculum that will challenge them to improve their logical and critical thinking skills. We emphasize the importance of problem-solving skills in all subject areas.