A Premiere Islamic School in Toronto GTA, Brampton – Al Ameen Elementary School

admission FAQ

Daily Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off

Before Care: 7:10 am – 8:10 am

There is a $50 charge for the Before School Care which must be paid on the 1st of each month.

Carline: 8:10 am – 8:20 am

Kindergarten Students – Walk your Child in: 8:20 am – 8:30 am

Carline is recommended for all children, but we do have an option for parents to walk their child into the school and drop them at their classroom door.

Arriving Late: After 8:45 am

Parents or guardians need to sign the child in and make sure the teacher knows they have arrived. Please do NOT leave your child unattended in the school, at any time.

Arriving Early: Before 8:20 am

Children arriving before 8:20 am and who are not enrolled in our Before School Care program can wait with a parent or guardian until 8:10 am. A teacher supervisor will be supervising the students downstairs at 8:10 am. Any child arriving at the school before 8:10 am will NOT be supervised by Al-Ameen Staff.

Parents kindly note that your children are your sole responsibility until 8:10 am. Children will not be dropped off at their classrooms until 8:20 am.

Dismissal: At 3:30 pm

Parents or guardians that pull up to the front of the school, please adhere to all signage and wait for your child to be dismissed to you. Please make sure anyone authorized to pick up your child knows these procedures and make them aware that they will need to show ID before a child is dismissed to them. Please see the administration in advance for the procedure on alternate pick up.

Late Pick Up

Parents or guardians picking up after scheduled dismissal, please call ahead to let us know you will be late and we will have your child ready at the front office or have them join aftercare, if available. Late charges will apply to your tuition statement, if applicable.

Extended Care Pick Up: 4:30 pm

Parents or guardians must park their cars in the designated parking spaces and walk into the school at pick up. Parents or guardians should knock on the door and wait for the teacher to answer. If the teacher does not hear the door or is busy, parents or guardians can walk into the class to make the teacher aware that they are present and ready to pick up their child. Parents or guardians should sign their child out and leave the class quietly to avoid disruption.

We understand that sometimes parents need a friend or relative to pick-up their child. Photo Identification is required for anyone who is picking up a child upon a parent’s request. Al-Ameen Elementary School also requires written authorization of alternative pick-up ahead of time. If for any reason you cannot give written authorization you must call and let the school know ahead of time and provide the full name and phone number of the person picking up your child. If deemed necessary, we will make a return phone call to the parent to confirm the new arrangements. If we are unable to confirm the arrangements we will not release the child. No child will be released to a taxi. If a child is not picked up for any reason and the emergency contacts cannot be contacted, the Department of Social Services or local police department will be notified.
Before leaving each day the children shake hands with the dismissing staff member. This allows us to keep track of your child’s coming and going, it teaches grace and courtesy and builds your child’s self-esteem.

Children must be picked up from the school at exactly 3:30 pm. We do allow a 10 minute grace period. Parents picking up his/her child(ren) after 3:40 pm will be charged the Extra Hours Fee of $20.00 per hour, per child. If you know that you are going to be late, please call the school ahead of time. The late fee still applies, but the staff can reassure your child that you are on your way and this will avoid the staff calling parents and emergency contacts.


Transportation is the responsibility of the parent. All forms of transportation not including a parent or guardian must be communicated to the school.

Moving Up

Children move to the Home program only 3 times during the year; the beginning of the school year, the beginning of the summer and in January. This limits the disruption to each classroom. These children spend the month prior to the scheduled move transitioning into their new environment. Each of these children needs to be independent in using the bathroom. If your child is moving up in January, they need to be using the bathroom independently by November 30th, if they are moving up at the beginning of the school year, they need to be potty trained before the first day of school and if they are moving at the beginning of summer camp, they need to be using the bathroom independently by April 30th.

Early Pick Up

Parents or guardians picking up before scheduled dismissal (doctor’s apt etc.), please call ahead and we will have your child ready at the front office.

Emergency Pick-Up

In the event of an emergency, parents will be called first. If parents cannot be reached we will call the authorized emergency contacts listed. If for any reason the emergency contacts cannot be reached, the school will contact the Department of Social Services or the local police department.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important and educational part of our curriculum. Children who are not permitted to attend field trips must stay at home on the day of the field trip. We will notify parents of any field trips involving transportation a minimum of one week in advance. Al-Ameen Elementary School staff carry emergency contact information, first aid kits and children’s medication, which may be needed on field trips. Employees also carry cell phones for emergencies. Children are required to wear the Al-Ameen Elementary School T-shirt/sweater on field trips.

School Policies and Guidelines

Rain Boots

Each child is required to have a pair of boots for outdoor playtime. Children wear these on the playground, regardless of the weather. These boots should be labeled and remain at school, in your child’s cubby.

Toilet Learning

Children moving from the toddler program to the Home program need to be independent in using the toilet. Toddler teacher’s assist with Toilet Learning, once your child is showing signs of readiness.

Extra Clothing and Supplies from Home

Please have 2 or 3 sets of weather appropriate spare clothes for your child as accidents do happen. Extra clothing does not need to be uniform. Make sure all clothing is labeled with your child’s name. We ask that you routinely check your child’s cubby and replace any items of clothing that may be needed.

Items from Home

We do not permit children to bring toys, gum, candy, money or other possessions from home into the school unless the item is related to the curriculum in the classroom and the teacher has given advance permission. Any prohibited items will be removed from the classroom/cubby and taken to the front office. We cannot be responsible for any outside items. Should anything from the school go home with your child, please return it. Something as small as a bead could mean an incomplete lesson in your child’s class. If school material is broken or misplaced by your child, you may be asked to fix/replace the material depending on the circumstances, e.g. if your child breaks the material on purpose.

Staff and Family Relationships Outside School

It is a strict policy at Al-Ameen Elementary School that employees do not work for Al-Ameen Elementary School families, past or present, in any capacity, including “summer work”, while employed at Al-Ameen Elementary School. Failure to abide by this policy is considered causing disruption to the school and can result in the dismissal of the employee and the family from Al-Ameen Elementary School.

Indoor Shoes

Each child wears indoor shoes in the classroom. This maintains a peaceful and clean environment. Please make sure that your child’s shoes have a soft sole. We do not allow crocs or flip flops for indoor or outdoor shoes for safety reasons. Plain slippers can be purchased at Giant Tiger, Wal-Mart, Children’s Place, and many other stores.


All Home children must wear uniforms Monday to Friday. You can purchase uniform items from a third party supplier, please check with the school for further details.

Lost and Found

There is a lost and found box located at the front of the school. If your child has lost an item of clothing or bed sheet etc. please check with the classroom teacher first and check the lost and found box. If you cannot find the lost item please notify the administration.


Al-Ameen Elementary School offers an optional hot lunch program during the school year, September to June. The school provides pizza on Fridays. If you decide to pack a lunch for your child please make sure it is free of any nut products, this includes food that has been processed in the same facility as nut products. Food from home needs to be in its original packaging, with ingredients accepted by Al-Ameen Elementary School. If you are sending in homemade/baked goods, the ingredients need to be listed and handed to the teacher. If you would like to pack a hot lunch for your child, please use a thermos, as we cannot heat up lunches at school. Candy, cookies, chocolate etc. is NOT allowed. Al-Ameen Elementary School provides milk, juice or water with lunches and snacks. Any food coming from home must have your child’s name on it and the date it came to school. Masking tape and sharpies work well for this.

Discipline at School

Al-Ameen Elementary School uses Conscious Discipline in our classrooms. This is taught as part of our curriculum, during Group Time. You can visit www.consciousdiscipline.com for more information. In our kindergarten classrooms the first lessons taught are lessons of grace and courtesy. When a child learns to respect others and his/her environment, they gain self-esteem and confidence and a feeling of self-worth. Our staff leads by example and treats the children and the environment with respect. Children learn not to disturb other children while they are working and to respect the classroom, as it is their own and to take care of it, to preserve the quality of the materials and look of the classroom. We ask that parents do the same.
When there is an altercation or incident between children, they are encouraged to discuss it and resolve the situation themselves. If they are not able to resolve it or if the situation calls for a teachers’ intervention, then the teacher should mediate and discuss the incident with the children involved. If unacceptable behavior persists or becomes unmanageable, the parents are typically brought in to discuss the best way to resolve the issue.

Al-Ameen Elementary School reserves the right to suspend, expel and/or refuse school services to a child if behavioral patterns are exhibited that the school is not capable of handling. Examples include, but are not limited to, hitting, biting, pinching, punching, kicking, and the destruction of property.

1st offense: Parent is informed in writing
2nd offense: Parent / Teacher / Principal Conference is required
3rd offense: Child is suspended for two weeks, (no tuition or fees refunded)
4th offense: Child is sent home for the day and starts a 30 day probation period
5th offense: Child is dismissed from the school, (no tuition or fees refunded)

Al-Ameen Elementary School reserves the right to dismiss any family that is delinquent in tuition or fees or is disruptive to the school in any way. Such families will be liable for the full amount of the school years tuition ending in June.

Al-Ameen Elementary School reserves the right to dismiss any child, under any circumstances. Such families may be liable for the full amount of the school years tuition ending in June.