A Premiere Islamic School in Toronto GTA, Brampton – Al Ameen Elementary School


At Al-Ameen, we aim to inspire young Muslims to become understanding, caring, and respectful leaders of tomorrow. Our enriched curriculum program exposes students to a high level of academics with a strong foundation of Islamic faith and a diverse set of co-curricular activities.

We provide students with a holistic learning environment using our up-to-date learning resources. Additionally, our enriched literacy, numeracy, science and social studies programs provide our students with a top-notch learning experience and a leverage for success in their chosen path. Furthermore, Al-Ameen encourages its students to go beyond just learning the core subjects, by challenging themselves to study and research any area of study that peaks their interest.

Additionally, Al-Ameen promotes self-awareness, strong morals and ethical values to our students with our extracurricular initiatives.